Support Soma


How can you support Soma?

At Soma’s School of Sports (SSS) our aim is simple but ambitious - to help children and young people talented in athletics to reach their full potential and also to boost the sports culture across the country. We can't do this on our own! We rely on voluntary support to raise over Rupees 25 crores within a few years.

Soma’s School of Sports (SSS) presents an opportunity before every patriotic Indian and all sports lovers to be a part of this noble movement to give the best to our budding athletes aiming at medals in international meets culminating in the Olympics in the years to come. Any individual, group, company or organization can contribute cash, kind, service or goodwill the way they prefer. Choose what you like to do from the below table and that will take us a long way; and carry our children closer to the victory stand.

Contributing Money

There are many ways in which you can save money and contribute to Soma’s School of Sports (SSS).

Contributing Materials

Various goods, articles and materials like construction materials (cement, bricks, iron & steel, tiles, wood, sanitary ware, pipes, fittings etc.), furnishing, furniture, stationery, dress materials, sports goods, fitness equipment, study materials, cereals & food items, office automation / IT/communication products and so on... are required for the completion of the project. Companies manufacturing or supplying such items or interested individuals may sponsor any of these items.

Contributing Service

One important way people support our work is by giving some of their time to Soma School of Sports (SSS) through a range of voluntary activities ... People who have established their credentials in any field may offer their voluntary service for a specific project or a specific period or at mutual convenience as and when required.